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Test item for medical power supply according to IEC 60601 standard

What are the IEC 60601 standard test items for medical power supplies?
1. High voltage test
2. Ionizing radiation test
3. Stability
4. Power measurement
5. Leakage current
6. Working voltage
7. Insulation resistance test
8. Grounding resistance
9. Environmental test
A customized power supply design solution that meets the quality requirements of medical devices. These products and solutions are widely used in medical applications such as CPAP ventilators, oxygen generators, humidifiers, medical displays, and operating room equipment, all of which are characterized by high stability of medical power supply and low EMI electromagnetic interference.
Combination of production and research, to be the pioneer in the customized medical power market
In recent years, with the rapid growth of the medical device industry, medical power as a core component of medical equipment has also ushered in its golden development period. From small medical wearable devices to X-ray machines and CT machines, power supply is indispensable. Medical power supply is such a kind that can meet the EMC specifications, safety distance and withstand voltage, ultra-low leakage current and grounding continuity of medical equipment. Power modules such as special requirements. Due to the variety of medical equipment, medical power supplies are mostly small-volume, customized production, which is precisely the advantage of the company.
On the product, Lianyunda Electronics relies on years of technical accumulation to focus on customized power supply design services. Relying on years of user demand data in the fields of medical and network communication, Lianyunda Electronics has not only accumulated rich experience in product design, but also conducted sufficient exploration in parameter standardization and modular design. Among them, the combination of standardized functional modules can greatly simplify the design and construction process, so that the demand response speed is far superior to the industry average; while modularity saves design time and makes the product quality more stable, thus greatly saving customers new products waiting for testing. time.
Based on leading security standards, strengthen the design of top power management solutions
Unlike consumer power and Netcom application power supplies, medical power supplies must first ensure the safety of medical devices in contact with human bodies. Therefore, there are high requirements for products that meet the diversity of medical devices, high quality, high stability, and high safety. It is also for this reason that it is particularly necessary to improve the ability of self-regulation.
Intermodal Electronics ensures that the test standards in the fields of safety, EMC, energy efficiency, certification, etc. are in line with the latest industry standards (IEC/EN 60601-1/-11, ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1, IEC/EN&UL 62368, IEC/EN&UL 60950 -1, IEC/EN&UL 60065, etc.), and provide customers with the most professional and efficient and competitive certification services to help customers quickly push products to the global market.
Consolidate the talent system and deepen the global business layout
The sustainable operation of an enterprise is inseparable from the creation of a talent system, especially for companies that rely on R&D for life.
The high attention to talents has provided Lianyunda Electronics with a strong momentum to deepen the international market. With the realization of the strategic goal of “based on the two sides of the strait”, the business of Lianyunda Electronics in the overseas medical power market has begun to blossom. It is expected to extend the relevant cooperation experience to a wider range of customer service docking to meet the stringent requirements of customers in the medical field for the quality of power products.

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