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What is the medical equipment standard for medical equipment?

Medical electronic equipment medical power supply, unlike other low-cost product applications, power supply and power supply, medical devices have to comply with many rules. The first question to consider for the power section is: What is the risk of choosing a power supply to use in a medical system? The value of medical equipment is high and requires some critical tasks.
If the medical system fails, the consequences are not just a missed game or a wrong ride. The normal operation of medical equipment is vital, especially the general switching power supply for medical equipment, which must comply with the relevant regulations on stability, leakage, EMI-RFI radiation and protection.
These standards and related specifications constitute a set of strict normative requirements. Power supplies used in such demanding applications must meet stringent specifications for insulation measures to prevent patient and medical personnel from getting an electric shock. Because medical electronics production is generally relatively low. Therefore, it is more cost-effective to purchase power directly from Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics, which already has the corresponding professional design capabilities and testing technology.
The insulation voltage of medical power supply requires AC 4kv, which is usually less than 3kv, and the medical power supply has strict requirements on leakage current, especially in contact with the skin.
At present, iec60601-1-2 has arrived at ed4, adding higher isolation requirements on the basis of ed3, and some small parameters. At present, the reliability and quality requirements for medical chargers in medical power supply are high in the whole industry. It is much different than ordinary switching power supply. Mainly reliability is also based on quality and performance requirements. Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics has considerable qualifications in the medical device industry, providing the most professional medical power countermeasures and solutions for each customer. After all, it is used on medical devices, and if there is a problem, it may affect the patient.

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