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What is the medical power source? Medical power application?

In today's society, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, more and more modern medical devices have developed rapidly, especially electronic instruments that are in direct contact with the human body, in addition to the increasingly high requirements for the performance of the instrument itself. Human safety considerations are also receiving increasing attention, such as: cardiac puncture monitors, ultrasound, maternal and child monitors, baby incubators, life monitors, and other instruments that are in close contact with the human body, that is, when the patient is using the instrument. Do not cause any electric shock or other danger to the human body due to the use of the instrument. Why is the medical switching power supply different from the ordinary switching power supply? The insulation withstand voltage of the medical power supply requires 4KV AC, and the ordinary one is within 3KV, and the medical power supply also has strict requirements on leakage current, especially in contact with the skin.
Medical power application
Nowadays, the medical and beauty industry is developing rapidly, and various advanced medical device products have been introduced. When the medical instruments are inspected, they will directly contact the human body, causing interference and influence on the running equipment and personnel under certain conditions. harm. This has become more and more demanding on the performance of the instrument itself, and has also attracted much attention to human safety. In order to eliminate this hidden danger, Unicom Medical Power has emerged to meet the needs of specific medical applications.
The medical power produced by Lianyunda adopts intelligent IC and EMC solutions, with perfect protection function, stable performance, long service life and good heat dissipation to ensure product heat dissipation performance and improve product durability.
Handheld medical devices/home medical instruments, USB interface medical charger/fast charger recommended; syringe pump/electrocardiograph, 15-30W medical power supply; 60-90W medical power supply for ventilator.
Shenzhen Lianyunda Electronics engineers have been designing and developing high-performance power products for the medical industry. Our products have paved the way for the development of a variety of medical applications, including home care, diagnostic monitoring, medical imaging, and in vitro testing equipment.
We have superb production technology and rich R&D experience, which can reduce equipment downtime, reduce equipment maintenance costs, provide medical service contribution, and have an absolute advantage in market competition.
Medical power material
PC material
Pure PC material has ultra-high strength and elastic coefficient, and has a wide temperature range. (ABS general material can only be used at -25 to 60 degrees), and PC material has high transparency and free dyeability. Medical power supply is very good in various colors. In addition, this material is also resistant to fatigue, weather, odorless and odorless, and is safe and hygienic.
ABS material
ABS material features, first of all, low strength, not temperature, under normal circumstances, the maximum temperature can not exceed 60 degrees Celsius, which is a lot worse than PC material, ABS is generally used in household appliances.
ABS and PC synthetic materials
Taking the characteristics of the former two, it has excellent molding processing performance, good fluidity and high strength. ABS+PC material is easy to process, has good dimensional stability and surface gloss, is easy to apply, color, and can be used for secondary processing such as metal spraying, plating, welding and bonding. Because the characteristics of ABS combines the characteristics of its three components, it has excellent comprehensive performance and becomes one of the preferred plastics for electrical components, home appliances, computers and instrumentation.
In the choice of medical power supply shell material, basically based on pure PC material and PC + ABS, although the cost will increase before the comparison, the price of medical power will be different, but from the environmental protection and safety Said, ABS is increasingly not matching the current market demand! So medical charger manufacturers remind you, when choosing medical power, try to choose large manufacturers to buy! Lianyunda electronic shell uses pure PC + ABS environmentally friendly materials, fire safety is more secure, V -0 grade, high temperature resistance 125 °C.
Medical power price
In commercial application design, if the quality is guaranteed, it is easy for people to directly select the lowest-priced power product after shopping for three. At this time, the lowest-priced but “decent” products are often winners, while the best products are unpopular. This is not bad for disposable electronic products that are quickly abandoned or need not be repaired, but what is the risk if the designer chooses such a power supply to use the medical system? The value of medical electronics is high. Need to complete some key tasks.
If the medical system fails, the consequences are not just to miss a game or to take the wrong car. The normal operation of medical equipment, especially the power supply of medical equipment, must comply with safety, leakage, EMI-RFI radiation and protection regulations. These standards and related safety regulations constitute a set of strict normative requirements. Power supplies used in such demanding applications must meet stringent specifications for insulation measures to prevent patient and medical personnel from getting an electric shock. EMC is also a key issue, including how to reduce electromagnetic radiation and how to protect electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, for the design of medical power supply, the first choice must be the quality and reliability of the product.
Often designers are confused about commercial power supplies and medical power supplies, and manufacturers that manufacture low-cost power supplies for the mass market may sell these commercial power supplies as medical power supplies without modification. In this regard, buyers must be careful, because the choice of such power products will lead to terrible consequences. Therefore, designers need to understand the relevant regulations and regulations.

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