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Convertible pin power adapter, a necessary artifact for travel
Time: 2022-05-18| Click:558

First of all, the power adapter is a power supply conversion equipment, which is usually composed of rectifier circuit, power transformer and body shell. According to the output current type of power adapter, it can be divided into DC output type and AC output type power adapter. Power adapter is widely used in telephone, mobile phone, notebook computer, razor, hair dryer, speaker, router, network set-top box, game console and other electronic products.

Secondly, the convertible pin power adapter is actually an upgraded version of the power adapter. It is expensive because it wears countless plugs of different specifications and models. On the premise of replacing the plugs, it can charge countless different electrical appliances (such as mobile phones, computers, razors, etc.). Don't mention how convenient it is!

Finally, people say that the convertible pin power adapter is a "necessary artifact for tourism" for a reason! You see, it is so simple, small and easy to carry. It can also meet the charging of a variety of electrical appliances at the same time. A convertible pin power adapter has only one data cable. If necessary, people can charge different appliances by changing the connector they want to be equipped with. People no longer need to go out with a lot of messy chargers!

The digital nameplate of the convertible power adapter lists the basic data indicators necessary for electronic products such as voltage, current and output power. People should pay special attention to the range of input voltage when selecting convertible power adapter. In some countries, the mains voltage is only 100V, but China is a very standard country with 200V mains voltage.

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