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Troubleshooting of power adapter
Time: 2022-05-18| Click:935

1、 Determine how much power the power supply is;

2、 Select the corresponding topology;

3、 Then select the magnetic core and magnetic core skeleton of the power;

4、 Set the number of primary and secondary turns, wire diameter, etc. according to the parameters.

Switching power transformer plays the role of energy transfer and conversion. In the flyback circuit, when the switch is on, the transformer converts the electric energy into magnetic energy for storage, and releases it when the switch is off. In the forward circuit, when the switch is on, the input voltage is directly supplied to the load and the energy is stored in the energy storage inductor. When the switch is cut off, the energy storage inductor is used for continuous flow to the load transfer.

The explosion causes of power adapter, charger, adapter, 9V power adapter, 12V1A power adapter and 12v2a power adapter are as follows:

1. Poor heat dissipation of 9V power adapter and charger products;

2. Poor quality of magnetic core of power transformer;

3. The quality of 9V power adapter IC or charger power device is poor;

4. The product parameter design of 9V power adapter is unreasonable;

5. The production process of 9V power adapter is poor

Therefore, when purchasing power adapter, charger and adapter, please identify the regular brand power supply and manufacturer to avoid the loss of personal safety and property safety caused by explosion.

Troubleshooting scheme for 9V power adapter:

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