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The development of power adapter is inseparable from the requirements of environmental protection
Time: 2022-05-18| Click:544

With the development of society and the great strength of science and technology, it is convenient for people's daily needs. Various types of electronic devices frequently appear in people's daily life. The power adapter is the most familiar accessory. However, with the increasingly frequent replacement of equipment, many families, especially the homes of some digital maniacs, simply "pile up" abandoned power adapters. This phenomenon has attracted the attention of the World Telecommunication Union (ITU), and the relevant specifications are about to be issued, which deserves the attention of the industry.

According to the data released by ITU, there were 4 billion adapters sold in 2012 alone, which is estimated to increase by 12% every year. From the perspective of environmental protection, the question of how much energy the power adapter consumes is very important. However, the question is more than that. Power adapters generally last longer than the information and communication skills equipment they power - almost every home has old power adapters full of drawers. If they cannot be reused, if they cannot be corrected or recovered, if the life of the equipment they supply is too short, and if they cannot be used for multiple devices, they will become part of the growing e-waste challenge.

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