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Safety instructions for use of power adapter
Time: 2022-05-18| Click:673

Pay attention to the following points when selecting power adapter:

1. Select the appropriate power adapter type and overall dimension according to the use method or the reserved space of the equipment. Such as wall plug-in, desktop, convertible head multi plug switching power adapter;

2. Find the corresponding specifications according to the input voltage and various output voltages and currents;

3. Whether there is a common ground relationship at each power port. If it is a common ground relationship, there are special requirements for the power supply;

4. During multi-channel output, the main circuit voltage shall be determined according to the load characteristics (resistance, capacitance and inductance) and power variation range of each circuit. Generally, the main circuit is the one with large output current and high voltage accuracy;

5. Specify ripple noise, voltage stability, load stability and other indicators;

6. According to the temperature, humidity, vibration and other requirements of the actual use environment; Select the product level with reasonable cost performance;

7. If the model and specification in this manual do not meet your requirements, please put forward more detailed technical requirements to meet your actual needs;

The power adapter provided by keyulong electronics adopts advanced circuit devices and technology. After careful thermal design and structural optimization, it has become an excellent module device. As our power supply has many categories, series, specifications and quantities, and its functional and physical characteristics are different, there are many special precautions in installation, use and maintenance, which are described as follows:

1. Before using the product, read the product introduction and instructions, see the wiring marks clearly, and confirm whether the input voltage is consistent with the nameplate provided by the product

2. When wiring, please cut off the input power supply; For the power supply with large power, its output end is composed of multiple wiring terminals, and the interior of the wiring terminal is connected (equivalent to one power supply), and the load shall be connected evenly;

3. Pay attention to whether the use space of high-power power supply is sufficient to facilitate heat dissipation and prolong the service life of power supply.

4. Before power on after installation, please check the wiring on each terminal again to confirm that the input and output, AC and DC, single-phase and polyphase, positive and negative, voltage value and current value are correct before use. Eliminate the occurrence of reverse connection and wrong connection;

5. The current value measured by the ammeter is the average current value. The user had better use the oscilloscope and a precision resistor (select the wattage) to measure the peak current. The measured peak current should not be overloaded.

6. The output power of the power supply mainly depends on the power devices at the original end. In order to meet the requirements of customers, the manufacturer leaves some margin for each group of power;

7. In case of failure of power adapter products, the company shall be informed in the quickest way, and the phenomenon of power damage shall be explained to facilitate the company to find the cause. The company will repair or replace it according to different situations;

8. Frequent switching of power adapter will affect its service life;

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